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Beginning Drawing


Meet 1x per week

Ages 11 -16

3 Students per class

Mondays: 5 - 6:30 pm

March 20 - May 15

Closed Spring break- April 3

Each class will begin with warm up drawing exercises,  sketching, a brief study of materials,  a drawing lesson and demonstration, and guided time to work on a variety of project pieces. 


In Beginning Drawing, we will learn and practice

drawing techniques, including  

how to achieve accurate proportion,

creatie the illusion of light and shadow,

and create space and depth.

Elements of art will be introduced or reviewed.

Our project pieces will be created from

live references, still life, and photos.

Graphite, pens, charcoal, and colored pencils.

Your student will be given 
a sketchbook 
for Class sketching and
Home Assignments

High quality materials will
be provided for studio use.


$ 250 per student

for 8)    1-1/2 hour sessions




Please submit examples

of your student's work before class. 

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