The following is a summary of our Covid policies:

 Driveway drop-off and pick-up. 


• Children cannot come sick or with symptoms of illness.

• Air cleaners with Hepa H13 Filters will be running

• Ventilation is provided through cracking windows and doors.

• A humidifier will be running as needed

• I will wear a mask, when community illness is high. 


• Children may be required to wear a mask.

• We try to social distance, but realistically it is closer to a 3’ distance

• Individual materials will be supplied.

• Hand washing and good hygiene are required / enforced

• Sanitizing sprays and disinfect wipes are used regularly

• Quarantines vary per situation and according to the health department.


• Each parent and myself are solely responsible to communicate if they have been exposed to Covid, or if they have tested positive.

These policies are subject to change at any given time.

If your child has tested positive -or in close contact with someone who tested positive, they must wait 5 days after the positive testing before returning, as long as your child has no symptoms. 


The policy remains that children are not to be brought with any symptoms of colds or illness; coughing, runny nose, or extreme stuffiness.


Please  ask if you have  any questions or concerns.

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